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Proposed Indian mega dairy is halted

A proposed Indian mega dairy, which would have been the largest dairy farm in India, has been thwarted.

Compassion in World Farming supported The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) a collective of animal welfare organisations in India, which spearheaded the campaign against the mega dairy.

The mega dairy was proposed by a consortium led by the Indian fertiliser cooperative, Fonterra (a New Zealand based dairy company) and Global Dairy Health (an Indian company).

The mega dairy would have housed 40,000 cows and calves in one location. The cows would have been kept in cramped and confined conditions with a lack of opportunities to express their natural behaviours or even graze.

Having such a large number of animals in such a small space raises both animal welfare and environmental concerns. FIAPO also emphasised the potential impact on the livelihood of small farmers which would have been jeopardised by the mega dairy.

Compassion would like to congratulate FIAPO for their success and will continue to oppose mega dairies both in the UK and internationally.

Read more about the achievement of FIAPO here.