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Mega-dairy given go-ahead

We are extremely disappointed to discover that the Judicial Review regarding Lower Leighton Farm ruled against animal welfare. Despite an application lodged by WSPA against planning permission for this mega-dairy, it will go ahead.

It was clear from the original decision of the Welsh Minister for Housing and Regeneration that the economic benefits for this individual farm were placed above the negative aspects of intensive farming.

The Minister, Carl Sargeant AM acknowledged there were health issues for local residents, particularly children at the local primary school and that animal welfare and human rights were also relevant concerns but incredibly admitted he thought the economic benefits were more important.

Dil Peeling, Compassion’s Director of Campaigns, says:

This feels like a monumental step backwards. Back in 2011 animal welfare won out when the Nocton mega dairy application was officially rejected.

Yet here we are three years later, and this time profitability has been given precedence over animal welfare, the environment and the health of local residents.

This is incredibly sad news for the local village and the children at the school. We will continue to seize every opportunity to oppose the application process and will update you with any news.