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India can avert Farmageddon

Our CEO, Philip brought a stark warning to India: that the hyper industrial farming model could push India to breaking point.

Philip launched his book Farmageddon at FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations) India for Animals conference in Jaipur.

Government minister Mrs Maneka Gandhi spoke passionately about the need for action on farm animal cruelty and praised Compassion for being one of the best lobbying organisations for animal welfare.

Challenges facing India

Progress is being made for animals in India. The Indian government has effectively banned cruel sow stalls for pregnant pigs. India’s cattle are still largely revered with slaughtering of cows banned across much of the country and most allowed to graze pasture or roam. However, agribusiness in India are encouraging factory farming.

Sadly, much of the commercial rearing of chicken and eggs are in factory farms. And ominously, even some of India’s dairy cows are starting to be confined with no access to grazing. Working with FIAPO, we will fight this development.

Philip said “I was struck by the energy and enthusiasm amongst the conference crowd. I was greatly encouraged by the number of young people packed into the conference hall. Although the challenges here as elsewhere are immense, I felt a tide of optimism running through this Jaipur gathering.

“Together we can avert Farmageddon.”

Find out more

  • You can keep up to date with Philip’s speaking schedule on his website
  • Farmageddon is available in all good bookshops
  • All proceeds from the book will go to Compassion in World Farming
  • You can buy a copy on Amazon or other good online bookshops, for example Book Depository or Waterstones.