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Marathon challenge for animal welfare

We are delighted to have been offered our first ever London Marathon space for 2015. We have been awarded a Silver Bond which means we only have one place available every five years.  

Could it be you?

We are looking for a remarkable person to run for us and we would love you to tell us why it should be you in a 60-second video application.

1. Record a one-minute film

If you would like to run the London Marathon for Compassion, please make a short speech telling us: 

  • Why you support Compassion
  • How much sponsorship you could raise
  • Why you should be the one to run for us.

 2. Upload your film

When you’re finished, upload your film to YouTube and send us the link using this form. Please note: 

  • You will need a YouTube/Google account to upload a film
  • Please send your entry by Friday 14th November.

 3. Share your film

Don’t just tell us – please share your film with friends and family and get as many views, likes and comments as possible, also by 14th November. We are looking for someone who is going to be happy to speak about their run for Compassion with lots of people.

Send your entry by 14th November 2014.

The winner will be notified by 21st November 2014.

Small print!

Our choice of London Marathon runner will be based on the video submissions, but other involvement with Compassion may be taken into account. Entries after 14th November 2014 cannot be considered, and Compassion’s decision will be final.

We would love to celebrate your video applications by sharing them on YouTube, social media, and through other online channels. If you would prefer that we don’t feature your video in this way, please let us know when sending your entry.