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Sponsorship fundraising: How to

  1. Contact Compassion

    Get in touch and let us know you would like to fundraise for us; we love to hear about your plans and can help with any questions you might have.

  2. Choose your event

    There are a whole host of different challenges you can get sponsored to do, ranging from self-set challenges to pre-arranged international trekking events. Compassion works closely with Do It For Charity and Charity Challenge who arrange events in the UK and abroad that are specially designed for charity fundraising. It’s easy to sign up and a fantastic way to meet like-minded people. Of course, there are also lots of marathons and sporting events around the country you can also sign up to; this usually involves contacting the individual event organisers and registering Compassion in World Farming as your charity of choice

  3. Set up an online fundraising page

    Online fundraising is hugely popular and websites like Virgin Money Giving make it really easy to collect your sponsorship in one place. Virgin Money Giving, and also Just Giving are free to sign up to and you can set up a page dedicated to your event where friends and family can make online donations, that are sent directly to Compassion in World Farming. Once you have set up your page then do let us know, as we can also share this with other Compassion supporters and encourage them to sponsor you too!

  4. Get involved, it's easy

    Do you want to have fun and help end animal cruelty? Download our free fundraising pack.