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Passionate Supporter Releases Book

Our supporter Angela Humphery, now 84, has published a memoir of all the incredible campaigning and fundraising work she has done for animals all over the world, spanning her 70-year career.

Her fundraising events have helped combat the ill-treatment of animals from across the globe, whether they are abandoned dogs or horses, dancing bears, elephants slaughtered for ivory or farm animals.

Angela still hosts fundraising events in the garden of her Hampstead home, the last of which our very own ambassador Joyce D’Silva had the pleasure of attending just before the book was published.

Special mention of Compassion in World Farming and our ceaseless campaigning over the years is made in the book as well as our CEO Philip Lymbery’s recently published ‘Farmageddon’. 

Buy the book

You can buy Memoirs of a Party Animal from Amazon. All profits will be used to support the 50 animal charities Angela currently supports.