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Compassion looks past #Piggate to the real scandal

As allegations about David Cameron’s university prank with a dead pig flood social media, the real issue of his inaction about factory farmed pigs has gone unnoticed.

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The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been ridiculed on social media following the allegation regarding a dead pig. The startling claim about the PM’s days as an Oxford student is contained in Lord Ashcroft’s new book ‘Call Me Dave’, co-written by Isabel Oakeshott.

As tweets and status updates about David Cameron’s university prank flood social media, we urge the public not to overlook the real #piggate scandal.

The real scandal

Since 2003, it has been a legal requirement to provide EU pigs with enrichment materials. The same legislation also prohibits routine tail-docking. Despite this legislation coming into force 12 years ago, David Cameron has failed to properly enforce this directive in the UK.

As a result, the majority of pigs farmed in Britain are still being reared indoors in conditions that are illegal. In addition, some farmers continue to tail dock, before trying preventative measures first, as required by the directive.

The shocking and potentially unfounded news story involving Cameron, that has been taking the media by storm, will undoubtedly blow over almost as quickly as it broke.

Unfortunately, factory farming of pigs in Britain will not be resolved so rapidly. We have been campaigning for many years to stop these cruel practices, but until Cameron takes action and puts animal welfare at the top of his agenda, they will regrettably continue.

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