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It’s time to ‘terminate’ our excessive meat consumption!

Compassion is delighted to hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger is encouraging people to cut their meat consumption in order to protect the planet.

Speaking at the UN climate change conference in Paris this week, the former Governor of California expressed his support for a move towards eating less meat, in a bid to combat climate change.

During an interview, the former Governor of California said that in order to lower greenhouse gas emissions we should give up meat for two days a week.

Known for his body building, the actor highlighted that “you can get your protein source in many different ways”, not just from meat and dairy, and stay strong and healthy on a vegetarian diet.

Schwarzenegger’s views reflect Compassion’s belief that consumers should eat less meat, in order to tackle climate change. However, despite meat production being responsible of almost 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions - more than all global transport combined - world leaders are refusing to acknowledge this at the current global climate change negotiations.

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