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Live export tragedy in Australia

In most recent news, 13,000 cattle and sheep were loaded on to the Ocean Outback, nearly two weeks ago. Due to engine problems, the animals were left stranded on it, with the ship remaining at the port.

In this time, over 30 animals have died. The 7,500 sheep have now been returned to Australia but the 5,000 cattle remain on board. Originally destined for Israel, they are being re-routed to Vietnam.

Animals Australia recently exposed shocking slaughter conditions in Vietnam, and after this already harrowing journey-time, it is unnecessary to send them on to what is likely to be a cruel and barbaric death.

With just one of the two engines currently operational, if the other were to fail, these animals could be stranded at sea all over again and they have already suffered enough.

We urge you to take action to end live exports

Please write to, call or email the Australian embassy in London and tell them Australia must ban live exports.

Australia House, Strand, London, WC2B 4LA

0207 379 4334