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‘Turn Your Nose Up’ at factory farming


We are proud to support #TurnYourNoseUp, Farms Not Factories’ latest campaign which highlights the appalling conditions faced by hundreds of millions of pigs around the world, raised on factory farms.

Exposing the truth

A whole host of celebrities have lent their support to #TurnYourNoseUp, including our patron – Joanna Lumley, Dominic West, Rupert Everett, Jon Snow, Jeremy Irons and Vivienne Westwood. The campaign film features these high profile stars, and captures their reactions to the horrific footage of pigs suffering in factory farms.

A bleak existence

A staggering 50 billion animals exist in factory farms globally, where they are treated as commodities, kept in confinement, and routinely deprived of the freedoms that are so central to their welfare. Factory farming is highly dependent on large quantities of precious resources, contributing to a catalogue of social and environmental ills, from pollution and deforestation to poverty, hunger and disease.

Life for pigs in factory farms is bleak. These highly intelligent animals are unable to express their natural behaviours and often injure one another out of stress and boredom. In order to reduce these injuries, they are commonly subject to painful mutilations such as teeth clipping and tail docking.

Philip Lymbery, our Chief Executive, said: “Initiatives like #TurnYourNoseUp are so important for raising awareness of the true conditions in which the majority of UK pigs are raised. We must stand up against factory farming and get pigs out of these cruel systems.

“I urge consumers to look for the highest available standards of animal welfare when purchasing pork and other meat products, such as free-range and organic.”

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