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Farewell Carla Lane - a true friend to animals

Carla Lane is rightfully being remembered as a hugely talented script-writer, keeping many of us laughing through the 70’s and 80’s with hilarious TV programmes such as The Liver Birds, Bread and Butterflies.But in the 90’s her life changed. Carla was appalled by the live export of animals from the UK to mainland Europe. She became a thorn in the side of the Ministry, constantly hassling them to take action and going public when they failed to do so.

At Compassion we kept in close touch with Carla, sharing information and tactics.

Her large home in Sussex became an animal sanctuary. Outraged calf exporters decided to teach her a lesson and dumped 40 bull calves on her doorstep. No problem – she took them in to live out their lives.

Having received an OBE in 1989 for services to writing, she returned it in 2002 in protest at the government’s failure to stop animal cruelty.

From Compassion we pay our heartfelt respects to Carla and we thank her for her dedicated work to improve the lives of animals.