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Dear Meat: we need to eat less of you


Swedish supermarket chain Coop has launched a quirky new campaign encouraging their customers to eat less meat.

A bold move

Typically supermarkets have shied away from the ‘eat less meat’ message, so we are delighted that Coop has decided to tackle this head on.

Coop has made this bold move by releasing a new advert titled ‘Dear Meat’. The film explains in the form of a break-up letter how we need to eat less meat for the sake of the planet. The campaign also encourages everyone to share great-tasting, easy-to-cook vegetarian recipes on social media.

Failing to address animal welfare

Despite this positive move from Coop, it is disappointing that the campaign fails to address animal welfare.

Around 70% of animals farmed every year are raised in intensive units. These factory farms prioritise production above all else – raising animals in intense confinement, where they are unable to carry out their natural behaviours. Industrial agriculture is also highly dependent on large quantities of precious resources, such as grain-based feed, water, energy and medication.

Less but better

Our Chief Policy Advisor, Peter Stevenson, says: “We want people to not only cut down on the amount of meat that they eat but when eating meat, ensure it is better – cage-free, free-range or organic.

“Attitudes need to shift, so meat is seen as a treat enjoyed every once in a while, rather than every day. It’s critical for our health, the planet and the millions of farm animals we raise for food.”

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