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Irish bulls en route to Libya set to endure horrific suffering



It has been reported that a shipment of over 2,000 Irish bulls are en route to Libya. The ship left the Irish coast on Wednesday (30th November) and is expected to dock in Libya on 10th December.

Around a third of the beef bulls are destined for slaughter on arrival, while the rest will face fattening in barren feedlots before eventual slaughter.

Immense suffering 

These animals could experience horrific conditions on their 10 day sea journey to Northern Africa. They may be kept in cramped spaces and are unlikely to receive veterinary treatment if required.

In 2012 we released harrowing slaughter footage from Turkey and Egypt. It exposed the horrific methods being used to slaughter animals in these countries, leading to unthinkable suffering. It is likely that conditions will be similar in Libya, however we are unable to film in the country because it is too dangerous.

Peter Stevenson, our Chief Policy Advisor, said: “Exporting animals to Libya is totally irresponsible and another example of profit coming before welfare. The country is war-torn and without any effective authorities, so it is most unlikely that any attempt will be made to ensure that slaughter is carried out in accordance with internationally recognised welfare standards.”

Cruel and unnecessary

It is completely unacceptable that the Irish authorities are sending animals to Libya. The Irish Government strongly advise citizens against traveling to the country, yet they are allowing animals to be exported there, exposing them to immense suffering. We urge the Irish Government to immediately put a stop to this cruel and unnecessary trade.

Each year, millions of live farm animals worldwide are transported thousands of miles for slaughter. Find out more and how you can help.