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We won't be silenced by factory farms

News Section Icon Published 28/07/2017

In October 2016 we released adverts, funded by our supporters, in cinemas across France, revealing the reality of intensive farming and the higher welfare alternatives that are available. One of our ads explained the conditions endured by 95% of French pigs.

We spoke the truth. We spoke out for the suffering animals.

But now representatives of the pig farming industry are taking us to court!

They are claiming that our simple message: “do not buy meat from intensive farms” is an illegal call for a boycott and is prejudicial to pig farmers.

So what's really on the menu?

Cafe de deception

Sauté de Porc au Cidre

French pork will probably be from an animal born in a cage, and reared in a crowded pen. Although pigs are intelligent and curious animals, in France, they are often routinely tail docked and raised in completely barren pens, in breach of EU law.

FActory farmed french pigs

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Parfait de foie gras

France produces 19,000 tons of this fatty liver every year. That’s 73% of the world total. The ducks killed for this famous ‘delicacy’ will have been force fed to grossly enlarge their livers before slaughter. Many do not survive the force feeding process.

French duck being force fed

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Lapin à la Moutarde

Ninety-nine percent of farmed rabbits in France are kept in cramped, barren cages where sickness is rife. Does (female rabbits) kept for breeding would have been routinely injected with hormones to produce larger litters in quick succession.

Factory farmed french rabbits

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Omelette aux Fines Herbes

32 million French hens – that’s more than two thirds – are still laying their eggs inside cramped cages, unable to run in the sunshine, perch in safety, or even properly spread their wings.

factory farmed french hens
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Donate today to help end the suffering.


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