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Oui! A wonderful ‘Pig Win’ for Compassion France

News Section Icon Published 09/02/2018

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In October 2016 we released adverts in cinemas across France, revealing the reality of intensive farming and the higher welfare alternatives that are available. One of our ads explained the conditions endured by 95% of French pigs.

We spoke out for the suffering animals and the adverts were a great success, receiving over one million views.

As we reported last year, Compassion France were being sued by the French pig industry, who claimed that our film revealing the true horrors of factory farming represented a call for an illegal boycott of factory-farmed pork.

A huge victory

On Wednesday 7 January, after months of fighting for the right to speak up for farm animals, Compassion France have won their case! The judges have dismissed the French pig industry’s claim in a landmark judgement that protects Compassion’s right to expose the truth and ask consumers to avoid factory farm cruelty when they shop.  

We couldn’t have done it without our supporters

Our Director of Campaigns, Emma Slawinski, said, “Thank you to our supporters for their backing in this vital case! This victory is so important and our determination is strengthened by the outcome. Millions of animals farmed in industrial systems continue to suffer, unseen and out of sight, every day. We will continue campaigning to improve farm animal welfare and inform consumers about the choices they can make as part of their food purchases.”