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Time to end ‘Trucking Hell’ for farm animals

News Section Icon Published 15/06/2019

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Here in the UK we’ve seen an exciting week of action to raise awareness of long-distance transport. Three flagship events were held as part of our Stop Live Transport campaign, along with over fifty supporter actions.

Action to end the suffering

Every year, tens of thousands of UK farm animals are forced to travel for hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles for fattening or slaughter. They routinely experience pain, stress, overcrowding, exhaustion and dehydration. Some even die in these horrific conditions.

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Many famous faces lent their support to the week of action, including Compassion Patron and actor Peter Egan, who said: “Thousands of British farm animals face long and grueling journeys overseas for fattening or slaughter each year, enduring unimaginable suffering. The more we can expose the abysmal conditions and treatment these animals are facing the harder it is to ignore.”

Symbolic journey across the UK

Starting in Edinburgh on 12th June a truck graffitied with the slogan ‘Trucking Hell’ traveled to Ramsgate port for a second event on 13th. This journey highlighted the 468-mile route which young, unweaned calves being exported from Britain endure.


The UK week of action ended in London’s Hyde Park on what is officially Stop Live Transport: International Day of Awareness. Over 350 supporters, MPs, like-minded organisations and speakers joined the protest. Harrowing footage of our recent calf export investigation was shown to the crowd on a digital advertising truck and protestors joined to perform a stunt in front of the truck to show united support.

Urgent need to ban live exports

Our Campaigns Officer, Sophie Peutrill, said: “It’s time for the Government to take action and enforce a UK-wide ban on live exports for slaughter and further fattening.

 “This week’s events have highlighted a small part of these awful journeys and showed the public how urgently we need to end what quite literally is ‘Trucking Hell’ for thousands of British farm animals. It’s fantastic that we have seen so much support over the past few days and we’ll continue to work tirelessly to end this unnecessary, outdated trade.”

Find out more about our campaign to Stop Live Transport here.

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