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A historic day for farm animals

News Section Icon Published 12/09/2019

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The End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) closed yesterday (11th September), having gained more than 1.5 million signatures over the past 12 months. This marks one of the most significant days for farm animals ever.

Joining forces

The ECI was launched last September with the aim to end the use of cages for farm animals across the continent. Over 300 million pigs, hens, rabbits, ducks quail and calves are imprisoned in cages across the EU. Most cages are barren, cramped, and deny the animals space to move freely. Cages are cruel and completely unnecessary.

Making history for farm animals has been a collaborative effort, where we joined forces with 170 NGOs from across Europe. Environmental, consumer rights and animal protection groups formed a broad-based coalition to rally citizens from every corner of the continent.

Phenomenally proud

Mandy Carter, our Senior Campaigns Manager said: “We are phenomenally proud of this collaborative victory. Reaching over 1.5 million signatures means that the European Commission cannot ignore how important farm animal welfare is to EU citizens.”

The fight isn’t over

“We have crossed a finish line in the biggest political push in farm animal welfare history,” Mandy continued. “But the fight to get animals out of cages isn’t over yet. Now it’s time for the Commission to make the changes that the citizens demand: we will not stand for caged cruelty any longer.”