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Published 18.12.09

Thousands of animals drown as cargo ship sinks

A ship transporting thousands of livestock from Uruguay to Syria has sunk off the Lebanon coast, highlighting this unnecessary and cruel trade.

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Published 17.12.09

DEFRA acts on chicken welfare

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced new rules on the amount of chickens that can be kept per square metre. Such space allowances are always measured in kilograms of chicken per square metre.

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Published 16.12.09


The Connaught Hotel admits confusion over Dutch veal

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Published 14.12.09

Government report: eat less meat-tackle climate change

With almost a fifth of the world's total manmade greenhouse gas emissions originating from livestock, & factory farming being the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet, Compassion has long called for a reduction in meat and dairy…

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Published 11.12.09

EU labelling should focus on method of production

A new voluntary code of practice for labelling pork products is to be drawn up by Defra over so-called 'British' meat and aims to ensure packaging clearly displays the origin of the meat before processing.

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Published 10.12.09

Science backs the beak trimming ban

A new report from Compassion in World Farming calls for an end to the beak trimming of laying hens and provides strong scientific evidence for why the UK ban on this mutilation should go ahead in 2011.

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Published 01.12.09

The Lisbon Treaty: recognising animal sentience

"A sentient animal is one for whom feelings matter" John Webster, Professor Emeritus, University of Bristol

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Published 01.12.09


A parliamentary motion calling for the UK Government to improve the welfare of chickens has reached a top five position out of over 2400 tabled motions.

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Published 30.11.09

Prince Charles calls for sustainable farming

At the recent BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards, HRH the Prince of Wales spoke out against the industrialisation of farming.

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Published 20.11.09

Demand London Olympics raises bar on animal welfare

The Food Vision Paper for the 2012 Olympics could see Olympic athletes and the public served standard intensive chicken and pig meat if a current proposal by the organisers goes ahead.

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