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News Section Icon Published 19/11/2009

Pigs in Europe still suffering says Compassion

Urgently needed enforcement of EU laws on pig welfare received welcome attention at a recent European Commission workshop following calls on this issue from Compassion in World Farming.

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News Section Icon Published 11/11/2009

We don't need factory farming to feed the world

New scientific research commissioned by Compassion in World Farming and Friends of the Earth shows that we can feed the booming world population without intensive livestock production just by choosing to eat less meat.

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News Section Icon Published 09/11/2009


Celtic Link Ferries announce no live animal exports for slaughter through Portsmouth.

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News Section Icon Published 04/11/2009


The Beyond Calf Exports Stakeholders Forum has, by giving calves a value in the UK, led to a reduction in the number of male dairy calves shot at birth or exported live to veal farms on the continent.

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News Section Icon Published 30/10/2009

How can we feed the world & protect the environment?

On 29 October, Lester Brown, founder of the WorldWatch Institute and Earth Policy Institute, gave Compassion in World Farming's 2009 Peter Roberts Memorial Lecture.

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News Section Icon Published 28/10/2009


Commercial and passenger ferries continue to forge live animal export links to the continent from the UK.

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News Section Icon Published 27/10/2009

Climate change expert: eat less meat to save the planet

Compassion in World Farming welcomes Lord Stern's call for a reduction in global meat consumption. On 27 October Lord Stern, told The Times that 'Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases...'

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News Section Icon Published 21/10/2009

Government allows factory farmed food in the public sector

New draft standards for the Government's Healthier Food Mark misleadingly claim to promote 'high standards of animal welfare' for public catering while in fact allowing public sector bodies to use battery eggs and factory farmed pork and…

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News Section Icon Published 14/10/2009

Killing Fields: the battle to feed factory farms

A new investigation by the Ecologist and a coalition of pressure groups exposes the dark side of soy production for animal feed: deforestation, loss of biodiversity, depletion of natural resources and destruction of local communities.

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News Section Icon Published 09/10/2009

Animal welfare council undermines beak trimming ban

The Government's own advisory body on animal welfare has undermined a ban on hen beak trimming.

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