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Published 19.12.12

A highly recommended read

John Webster is one of the pioneering professors who placed the welfare of farm animals high on the agenda of their veterinary students, in his case at Bristol University.

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Published 17.12.12

Pig Business director doubts Chilean pig factory closure

Tracy Worcester, founder of Farms Not Factories and producer of film Pig Business, has just returned from filming in Chile. Her visit coincided with the suppression of protestors fighting for a dirty factory farm to close. Did they win in the…

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Published 17.12.12

Compassion in South Africa on 'Feeding the World'

Compassion in World Farming's South African representative, Tozie Zokufa, spoke out in support of a world free of factory farming at an international conference in Johannesburg.

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Published 14.12.12

Turkey farming in the UK

In the run-up to Christmas, many people will be thinking about what to eat on the day itself. For many that means turkey.

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Published 13.12.12

Live export from unknown ports

As MPs debate live farm animal exports from Britain in Parliament today, we have released new data that show the number of ports in Britain being used for the live export of farm animals has increased.

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Published 12.12.12

Making sense of "sustainable intensification"

Chatham House in London held a conference entitled "Sustainable Intensification: miracle or mirage?". Sustainable Intensification (SI) sounds great, but the term is regularly hijacked by the factory-farming lobby to justify their existence.

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Published 10.12.12

Sustainable Intensification

A Chatham House conference this week will address the idea of sustainable intensification, a phrase that Compassion thinks is gobbledegook.

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Published 08.12.12

Why intensive turkeys go lame

Turkeys have been bred to grow large, meaty bodies, as quickly as possible. We know that modern industrially farmed turkeys are now so heavy and develop so much breast muscle that reproduction is done by artificial insemination.

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Published 05.12.12

EU dairy industry exposed

In August this year our investigators visited 52 farms in three countries: Germany, Europe's largest milk producer, Denmark, where the dairy industry is intensifying and Spain, where cows have little access to pasture.

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Published 30.11.12

Stranded EU bulls - new video

Video from the Turkish-Bulgarian border shows increasingly desperate situation for the bulls stranded there

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