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Published 23.12.13

A Compassionate Year

We've had an action-packed year, here at Compassion. With your help, we've led the fight for better farm animal welfare using campaigning methods, investigations, political lobbying and work with food businesses. Here is a quick round-up of 20

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Published 19.12.13

Cloned animals confusion

The European Commission's new proposed legislation on the cloning of animals for food production, suggests that cloning of farm animals and the sale of clones should be banned as should the sale of meat and milk from these animals.

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Published 13.12.13

Australian cattle brutally slaughtered in Gaza

Compassion is calling on Australia to stop its cruel live exports trade as footage of barbaric slaughter is released.

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Published 12.12.13

Appalling slaughter in Beirut abattoir

Compassion investigates appalling slaughter conditions at Karantina abattoir, Beirut.

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Published 09.12.13

Food businesses not addressing farm animal welfare

Benchmark report reveals companies neglecting to manage farm animal welfare issues.

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Published 28.11.13

“Intensive farming a threat to biodiversity”

EC survey shows people across Europe are aware of effect intensive farming having on biodiversity

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Published 27.11.13

Calf Forum improves welfare

Beyond Calf Exports Stakeholders Forum was set up in response to plight of male dairy calves

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Published 27.11.13

The food revolution will be child’s play

When it comes to kick-starting a food revolution, children are one of our greatest hopes; what they learn today will shape the food systems of tomorrow. Here’s a rundown of some of the best and worst edible educations out there.

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Published 26.11.13

GM salmon eggs approved by Canada

Compassion disappointed by the decision of the Canadian government to approve the commercial production of GM salmon eggs.

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Published 25.11.13

Borgen exposes harsh reality of pig industry

Latest episode of hit Danish political drama focuses on Denmark’s pig industry

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