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Published 29.05.15

EU Commission fails to act for animals

The EU Commission is failing millions of animals who are needlessly suffering when slaughtered

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Published 22.05.15

Foie Gras still served in EU Parliament

A group of MEPs tried to ban foie gras from EU Parliament

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Published 21.05.15

Why we need to be honest with our kids about farming

Most farm toys, games and cartoons portray idyllic outdoor scenes, with rolling hills, rosy-cheeked farmers and happy animals. Here, we explore the forces perpetuating this farming myth – and why it's time to set our kids straight.

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Published 20.05.15

Animals are “sentient” in New Zealand

New Zealand has recognised that animals are sentient beings

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Published 15.05.15

The language of our movement – why words matter

Rudyard Kipling described “words” as mankind’s “most powerful drug”. We use them to challenge the vested interests keeping factory farming alive. But not all words are equal, of course. Here, we explore their power to help fix our broken food…

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Published 13.05.15

Avaaz petition to ban antibiotics overuse

Avaaz joins the fight against antimicrobial resistance

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Published 05.05.15

Kofi Annan on eating less meat

The former secretary-general of the UN acknowledges that the global livestock industry is a major threat to the climate

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Published 05.05.15

What we can learn from the anti-smoking movement

The highly addictive, famously filthy habit of smoking is now, in many places, passé. It’s the result of decades of campaigning, which we explore here, unearthing the links with our movement against factory farming.

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