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Published 30.09.15

Compassion hosts The Free Lunch

Compassion dishes up free and sustainable fare in Brussels highlighting our broken food system

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Published 22.09.15

Compassion looks past #Piggate to the real scandal

As allegations about David Cameron’s university prank with a dead pig flood social media, the real issue of his inaction about factory farmed pigs has gone unnoticed

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Published 16.09.15

The importance of baking with compassion

When dairy-free ice cream featured on The Great British Bake Off recently, it highlighted to us the potential for cookery shows to educate as well as entertain. And if free-from diets are in focus on TV, it's about time food provenance was too.

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Published 14.09.15

Cages belong in museums not on farms

Compassion delivers rabbit cage to The Natural History Museum to consign cages to history

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Published 09.09.15

Victory! McDonald’s goes cage free

McDonald's has announced it will no longer use eggs from caged hens in its restaurants across the United States and Canada by 2025

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Published 09.09.15

MEPs vote to keep the EU a no clone zone

Compassion celebrates EU vote to ban the cloning of farm animals

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Published 02.09.15

Cloning – a catastrophe in the making

Since the birth of Dolly the sheep, thousands of animals have been cloned worldwide. As yet, none have openly entered the European market, but this might be about to change if MEPs vote against legislation intended to keep the EU a no-clone…

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