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Published 24.12.15

Wish upon a compassionate star

Compassion’s celebrity ambassadors and patrons share their Christmas wishes

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Published 23.12.15

Fighting festive food waste

Christmas is almost upon us, which means that food – and lots of it! – will be crammed into shopping trolleys everywhere.

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Published 22.12.15

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found in UK pigs and people

Resistance to colistin threatens to reverse decades of medical advancement

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Published 15.12.15

A Christmas carol to end factory farming

Actor Pauline McLynn leads a children’s choir singing to Defra for a better food system.

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Published 10.12.15

The livestock in the room – what’s missing at COP21

The future of the planet is hanging in the balance as world leaders discuss ways to curb global warming at COP21 in Paris.

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Published 09.12.15

It’s time to ‘terminate’ our excessive meat consumption!

Terminator star and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, supports eating less meat to combat climate change

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