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News Section Icon Published 06/04/2016

Walmart to go cage-free

Compassion applauds Walmart’s cage-free commitment

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News Section Icon Published 15/03/2016

The EU wants better farm animal welfare

A new survey has found that EU citizens care deeply about farm animals

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News Section Icon Published 08/03/2016

Life behind bars: the plight of Europe's rabbits

Europe’s rabbits are in peril. Each year, hundreds of millions of these creatures are made to endure unbelievable suffering inside squalid factory farms. Sounds more like medieval torture than 21st-century farming, right? If only that were true.

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News Section Icon Published 07/03/2016

Compassion explores the pros and cons of Brexit

Should we opt-in or opt-out for farm animal welfare?

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News Section Icon Published 26/02/2016

Millions suffer in live export nightmare

A five year report reveals systematic breaches of animal welfare laws, causing immense animal suffering

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News Section Icon Published 25/02/2016

Factory farming's dangerous drug habit

Without antibiotics, the world would be a much more hazardous place. Used to treat countless common illnesses and infections, these drugs revolutionised medicine in the last century, but now they're in peril. And factory farming's partly to…

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News Section Icon Published 24/02/2016

Defra sentences UK agriculture to 25 years

Compassion urges Defra to reconsider its 25 year plan for food and farming

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News Section Icon Published 11/02/2016

The food labels that keep you in the dark

The labels on meat, egg and dairy products are often the only window we have on the life of the animal they came from – and yet, all too often, they don’t tell the truth. We explore the labelling confusion that’s keeping so many of us in the…

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News Section Icon Published 09/02/2016

‘Critically important’ antibiotic use soaring in UK farms

Antibiotic resistance reaches record levels as the UK poultry industry’s use of ‘critically important’ antibiotic increases by 59%

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News Section Icon Published 08/02/2016

Compassion campaigns for honest food labelling

Current EU legislation means that labelling on meat and dairy products can often be extremely confusing

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