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Published 28.03.17

New film shows live transport horrors

Shocking footage highlights urgent need to end live exports

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Published 17.03.17

Salmon farming welfare raised at industry event

GAAIA raise awareness while industry ‘celebrate’ 25 years of Scottish salmon farming

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Published 14.03.17

Monumental success for Europe’s farmed rabbits

MEPs vote in favour of crucial species-specific legislation

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Published 10.03.17

Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were

Compassion celebrates the launch of our CEO’s new book

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Published 09.03.17

Animal welfare in the European Union

New report stresses lack of species-specific EU legislation

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Published 07.03.17

Scientists’ report on welfare of farmed rabbits

A new scientific report has found that “current legislation does not adequately address the welfare needs of rabbits within existing farmed systems”.

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Published 02.03.17

New live transport horrors revealed

A new investigation highlights the need for revisions to the European Transport Regulation

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Published 01.03.17

Asda – first supermarket to stock ‘free range’ milk

Asda will now have ‘Pasture Promise’ milk available on their shelves

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