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Published 30.08.17

The Meat Crisis

Exploring the global growth in production and consumption of meat and dairy

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Published 11.08.17

Mandatory CCTV in England’s abattoirs

Gove announces compulsory CCTV in England’s slaughterhouses

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Published 10.08.17

Vets say ‘NO’ to factory farming

‘The Caring Vets’ demand high farm animal welfare in open letter

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Published 07.08.17

Stand up against live transport

United we can force change

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Published 28.07.17

We won't be silenced by factory farms

Representatives of the French pig farming industry are taking us to court!

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Published 25.07.17

Could Brexit lower animal welfare standards?

Lords report warns of threat to animal welfare post-Brexit

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Published 24.07.17

Joyce D’Silva receives Honorary Doctorate

Keele University recognises Compassion Ambassador’s incredible work

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Published 18.07.17

Interactive map exposes UK factory farming hotspots

A worrying trend in the growth of intensive agriculture across rural areas

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Published 17.07.17

Brexit should not be at the cost of Britain’s animals

EU (Withdrawal) Bill fails to include animal welfare

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Published 29.06.17

Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards 2017

Celebrating a decade of welfare awards

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