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Stop the Rushden factory farm

Broiler Chickens

In 2017, Bedfordia Ltd submitted a planning application to build a huge intensive chicken farm in Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK. The farm would have annually housed 5 million birds in 10 sheds.

Following incredible efforts from local campaigners, and a host of objections from Compassion supporters, the application was withdrawn. However, in 2018, the company submitted a new proposal for a slightly smaller farm, comprising 6 sheds. It would hold 314,000 birds at any one time – almost 2.5 million animals every year.

This brought a wave of further objections from local residents, to some of which Bedfordia Ltd responded. But there’s good news – East Northamptonshire Council is still inviting further public responses until 11 April.

Whether you’ve objected yet or not, please OBJECT TODAY to planning application 18/01284/FUL.

Object today

When drafting your objection, you may wish to refer to points raised in Compassion’s own objection letter, which you can read here. For example, you might like to mention the scale of the farm, ammonia released by decomposing chicken manure and potential local environmental pollution. Chicken welfare is sadly not a planning criteria, but please do mention your welfare concerns.

If you have objected to the application before, when you contact the Council you may want to respond specifically to the new information Bedfordia Ltd has submitted. This will demonstrate that you have taken the new details into account, and add weight to your renewed objection. Compassion’s latest objection may, again, be a useful reference here.

Spread the word

Countless reports show the detrimental impacts of factory farming on animal welfare, human health, rural livelihoods and the environment. Approval of this farm would be a clear choice by East Northamptonshire Council that they support and promote the spread of factory farming in the UK.

Please spread the word amongst your friends, family, and local community, and encourage them to send in their own objections to this application. It’s vital that councillors understand the strength of opposition among local residents to factory farming invading your towns and countryside.

Find out more

You can learn more about the spread of factory farming in the UK by looking at our groundbreaking map.