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Cage farming is a nightmare that we can end

Update: the UK parliament petition for End the Cage Age closed on February 5th, 2022, and received over the amount of 100,000 signatures needed for the UK Government to consider a debate.

On Monday 20th June 2022, MPs debated the End the Cage Age petition in Parliament. Defra Minister, Victoria Prentis, promised action to phase out cages. We hope that the new Prime Minister and any new Defra Ministers will implement this commitment.

Across the world, billions of animals are farmed in cages. That includes pigs, hens, rabbits, ducks, and quail – all subjected to cage cruelty. Sows are forced to nurse their piglets in crates, rabbits and quail endure their whole lives in barren cages, and ducks and geese are caged for force feeding to produce foie gras. These systems confine, restrict, and prevent animals from expressing their natural behaviours.

Think British farm animals aren’t kept in cages? Wrong – millions of the UK's farm animals are subjected to cage cruelty too.

Please, make a donation for British farm animals today.

Join the fight

Hundreds of thousands of compassionate people in Britain have already spoken up for caged farm animals by signing our petitions.

We need your help to keep up this momentum. Here’s how you can join the fight:

  1. Download our cage-free Communities guide for tips on encouraging convenience stores in your area to go cage-free.
  2. Watch our 2019 UK Pig Investigation which shows the typical conditions for mother sows.
  3. Want to learn more? Find out exactly what’s wrong with cages and read our report.
  4. Make a donation to Compassion today
  5. Share this page: 
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What's happening in the EU

In the EU alone, hundreds of millions of animals are forced to spend most, if not all, of their lives in cages. That’s why we launched a European Citizens Initiative (ECI), which was supported by almost 1.4 million people across the continent, and called on the European Commission to ban all cages for farm animals.

The good news is that, as a result, in June 2021 the Commission made a historic announcement that it will put forward legislation to phase out the use of cages for farmed animals. Now we need to keep up the pressure to ensure this ban really is delivered, and comes into force as quickly as possible, across the EU.

How close are we to a 100% cage free Europe?

We have ranked each of the UK and EU’s member state by how close it is to our cage free goal, based on the percentage of cage free farm animals. You can find out how each country is performing below.

High profile support

Many famous faces have already joined the fight to End the Cage Age. A huge thank you to all our End the Cage Age heroes: Deborah Meaden, Joanna Lumley, Peter Egan, Kate Ford, Evanna Lynch, and Mike Beckingham for backing this campaign, along with everyone who has signed the petitions and spread the word for farm animals.

Cages are cruel, outdated, and just plain wrong. Please continue to support by making a small donation today to End the Cage Age for all British farm animals.

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