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End the cage age

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Cage farming is a nightmare that we can end

Across the world, billions of animals are farmed in cages. That includes pigs, hens, rabbits, ducks and quail – all subjected to cage cruelty. Sows are forced to nurse their piglets in crates, rabbits and quail endure their whole lives in barren cages, and ducks and geese are caged for force feeding to produce foie gras.

In Europe alone, hundreds of millions of animals are forced to spend most, if not all, of their lives in cages. That's why we're campaigning across the Continent to End the Cage Age. Join us and sign the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) today - we need one million verified signatures to call on the European Commission to ban all cages for farm animals.

Think this doesn’t apply to Britain? Wrong – over 16 million UK hens live behind bars, producing more than a third of Britain’s eggs.

feather pecked hens in an enriched cage

Whilst this image is from an EU farm, it is representative of conditions in use in the UK

Meanwhile, over a quarter of a million UK mother pigs are forced to give birth in cages and raise their piglets through bars. The investigation below, filmed in Spring 2019, reveals the gruelling conditions typical of pig farms all over the UK.

Caged systems like these confine, restrict, and prevent animals from expressing their natural behaviours. Cages are cruel, outdated and just plain wrong

Join the fight

With the support of over 100,000 people across Britain, we’ve already secured a debate in the UK parliament on our petition to ban cages for UK farm animals, plus over 250,000 voices so far on our petition to UK agricultural ministers.

We need your help to keep up this momentum. Here’s how you can join the fight:

  1. Join over 1 million people and sign the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to ban all cages for farm animals in Europe
  2. British resident? Sign the UK sister petition calling on the UK’s agricultural ministers to End the Cage Age in Britain
  3. Want to learn more? Find out exactly what’s wrong with cages and read our report
  4. Make a donation to Compassion today
  5. Share this page: 

High-profile support

Many famous faces have already joined the fight to End the Cage Age. A huge thank you to all our End the Cage Age heroes: Joanna Lumley, Deborah Meaden, Peter Egan, Kate Ford, Evanna Lynch and Mike Beckingham for making the uplifting campaign film, ‘Dear Humans’, along with everyone who has signed the petitions and spread the word for farm animals.

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Are you an EU citizen?

We are working with an incredible network of over 100 NGOs aiming to collect a minimum of one million verified signatures in support of a ban on cages in European farming.

Sign the ECI

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