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End long distance LIVE animal transport

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Each year, millions of live farm animals around the world are transported thousands of miles for slaughter, or to places where they will be fattened for slaughter.

This trade is a worldwide phenomenon. In North and South America, Australia and Europe, animals often have to endure journeys across vast distances before long voyages at sea to reach their final destination.

Long distance transport causes enormous suffering

  • Overcrowding – Animals are crammed into vehicles. Many are injured or trampled to death
  • Exhaustion and dehydration – They can be in transit for days, suffering extremes of temperature and often without sufficient food, water or rest. Many die as a result
  • Pain and stress – Animals are sentient beings and feel pain and stress just like we do
  • Animals’ immune systems are often reduced as a result of the hardship of long distance transport, resulting in diseases being caught more easily.
  • Animals will often be shipped alive, only to be slaughtered at journey’s end using inhumane methods.
  • Legal Protection – When animals are exported from Europe to countries outside the EU they leave behind them all the legal protection they once received. This means they can face terrible abuse during transport and at the time of slaughter.

What we are doing

Compassion in World Farming are calling for the end of all long distance live transport. We want animals to be fattened and slaughtered as close as possible to their place of birth and live transport of animal for slaughter to be replaced by a trade in meat.

Taking on the global live animal transport trade is a huge task. Compassion is fighting this battle on a number of fronts:

Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day

14th June will mark our fourth annual Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day.

In 2018, over 150 actions took place in 33 countries. You can help us make this year's events even bigger. Check out our interactive map to find an event near you. No event in your area? Why not host one yourself?

You can find lots of ways to get involved and help end the misery of live exports at


What can I do?

Find out how you can help us campaign to end the long distance transport of live animals now.

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