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Factory farming is the single biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet. Besides the devastating impact it has on billions of farm animals, it is threatening human health, wildlife and the climate. Solving a problem on this scale needs power in numbers.

Compassion in World Farming works on the ground in 12 European countries, in China, the US and South Africa; and with like-minded individuals and organisations around the world.

Together we are:

  • Transforming legislation, corporate policies and public opinion;
  • Leading a global movement to end factory farming and fight the climate emergency;
  • Changing the future for farm animals.

Impact Report

Download a copy of our 2018 - 2019 Global Impact Report

Impact Report

Eat less, eat better

Many expert reports have highlighted the urgent need to stabilise the climate and stop wildlife declines. Compassion has seized on these opportunities to show that, as well as causing terrible cruelty, intensive animal farming:

  • Wastes resources – over a third of the world’s crops are used for animal feed;
  • Threatens human health through the misuse of antibiotics to prop-up unhealthy farming systems;
  • Is a major contributor to the climate emergency and devastation of global wildlife populations.

Our core message is that the global diet must include more plant-based foods and reduced meat (including fish), egg and dairy consumption. Plus, of course, all animal products must come from higher welfare farms.

During 2018/19 we presented our vision to policymakers around the world, including the United Nations in New York and the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi. Our ultimate goal is to unite world leaders behind a Global Agreement to replace factory farming with a humane and sustainable food system.


  • Achieving a Global Agreement to transform our food system will need a collaborative approach. We’ll rally other charities and international organisations to act on the animal welfare, environmental and human health impacts of factory farming.
  • We will build connections with key governments, and grow support amongst influential food companies and individuals. When big business and social leaders take action, policy makers will feel the pressure to back the ‘eat less, eat better’ message.

Campaign highlights – power in numbers


Close up cow face in field with blue sky

In September 2018, we launched the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to End the Cage Age for farm animals.

The aim: gather one million signatures in 12 months.  

The result: 170 NGOs united across the continent, more than 1.6 million signatures were collected.


Together, we achieved the most successful animal welfare ECI ever.

Hundreds of thousands of signatures were also collected across two petitions to End the Cage Age in the UK. Meanwhile, Compassion USA helped persuade Californian voters to pass a law that will ban cages and crates for hens, pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal.

We helped French supermarket giant, Casino, to create the first animal welfare labelling scheme in France, giving consumers clear information on how animals are farmed. This ground-breaking scheme has been adopted by other companies. By the end of 2019, welfare-labelled chicken will be available in ALL French supermarkets.

In 2018, ONE MILLION signatures against live exports, collected by Compassion, 38 Degrees, Avaaz and SumOfUs, were delivered to the UK Government. And, in 2019, the UK’s two biggest political parties both signalled that they would take action on live exports for slaughter and fattening.

Plus, in June 2019, a global movement came together for over 180 events in 43 countries on the fourth annual Stop Live Transport International Day of Action.

In October 2018 we celebrated a landmark victory for your campaigning, when the EU adopted a ban on the routine preventative use of antibiotics for farm animals. This ban will safeguard public health, stop antibiotics being used to prop up intensive farming, and could pave the way for transformative improvements in animal welfare.

In 2018, we launched the innovative Rethink Fish campaign, with compelling films and a hard-hitting undercover investigation. It featured on BBC TV, in major newspapers across Europe, and in a TEDx talk. The campaign mobilised people across Europe to write to their Agriculture Ministers, achieved a social media reach alone of 23 million, and gained the support of MEPs who want to help end the suffering of billions of animals in underwater factory farms.

  • After submitting the ECI and UK End the Cage Age signatures, we’ll continue to build support for a ban on cages among MEPs and national governments.
  • We will target our campaign to end live animal exports towards the new European Commission and the new UK Government.
  • We will press for species-specific EU legislation to protect the welfare of fish.
  • We’ll campaign for a UK ban on routine preventative antibiotic use on farms.
  • By encouraging further retailer progress, we’ll show politicians the public demand for honest labelling of meat and dairy products.
  • We will ensure proper legal protection for the UK’s farm animals after Brexit, including recognition that animals can suffer and feel pain and joy.

Big businesses, big changes


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Since 2007, our Food Business team has worked with over 1,000 companies, helping to improve their animal welfare practices. So far, this programme has delivered commitments that will bring better lives to over 1.88 billion farm animals every year.

Our work to improve the welfare of chickens farmed for meat has recently seen significant progress. In particular, we have been integral in securing higher welfare chicken commitments from major European food businesses, including Waitrose, KFC, and five leading French retailers. Meanwhile, to keep up momentum for hens, in 2018 we launched European EggTrack, to hold companies to account on progress towards their cage-free egg commitments.

Compassion’s impact in the world’s most populous country also continues to grow. So far, our engagement with Chinese companies to improve the lives of chickens, hens and pigs has helped to secure higher welfare policies set to benefit over 283 million animals every year.

Last but not least, the seventh annual Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare was launched in February 2019. This partnership project is a guide for investors on the policies, practices and performance of 150 major food businesses. Over two thirds of these companies now have formal improvement objectives for farm animal welfare.


  • We will encourage more companies to move to cage-free eggs and ensure that any new systems truly deliver good welfare for hens.
  • We will work with businesses to help implement their Better Chicken Commitments, and hold them accountable for their promises to these animals.
  • We will continue to help transform millions more lives through the Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards – working towards corporate pledges to benefit cows, pigs, hens, chickens, turkeys and rabbits.
  • We will build on our influence with major food companies to spread the ‘eat less, eat better’ message: encouraging businesses to promote reduced consumption of meat, dairy and eggs.

United for farm animals

During 2018/19, Compassion supporters around the world took 3,810,832 actions to end animal cruelty – from signing petitions and emailing politicians, to campaigning on the streets and running, trekking or even baking for a better life for farm animals.

And Compassion’s voice is getting louder: During 2018/19, in the press, on TV and radio, and through social media, there were over 11 BILLION opportunities for people to hear the compassionate message.

We will end factory farming

The commitment, support and participation of our supporters makes Compassion in World Farming a powerful force for change. By changing hearts and minds in communities, companies and parliaments, together, we are giving farm animals a life worth living.

Global income info graphic
How your support was invested 2018/19
29.5% European & UK Campaigns
To drive improvements in legislation and full enforcement of existing laws to protect all farm animals from cruelty.
25.8% Global Campaigns
To achieve global recognition that action is needed to end factory farming and deliver a regenerative, ‘eat less, eat better’ food system.  
21.7% Food Business
To harness the power of the global food industry to achieve rapid improvements in the lives of millions of animals.  
23% Fundraising & Investment Management
To fund our work and grow the global movement against factory farming. This expenditure includes strategic reinvestment to increase sustainable funding for our campaigns and Food Business programme.  



Our thanks to all those who have remembered Compassion in World Farming in their Will, and to every single individual and organisation who has donated or taken action to help end factory farming.