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Towards a flourishing food system

It has long been recognised that high-input, resource-intensive farming systems are harmful and unsustainable; yet there has been considerable intertia around action to deliver…

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Reducing meat consumption: should the focus be on ruminants or monogastrics

Many studies show that reducing meat consumption would benefit the environment and our health. However because ruminants (cattle and sheep) have higher greenhouse gas emissions…

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Paris climate targets beyond our reach?

We can’t hit the Paris targets without a reduction in meat and dairy consumption

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Paris Climate Agreement & 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Two closely linked agreements are the Paris Climate Agreement and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A crucial challenge for the world for 2016 and beyond is…

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Briefing: Climate Change Agreement December 2015

New International Agreement on Climate Change planned for adoption in December 2015: Livestock Sector’s Role

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Ethiopia case study

Securing the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Ethiopia

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Wasting water

A study to understand the water footprint of livestock farming. The aim was to assess whether a range of farming systems, with differing animal welfare, use water differently.

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Eating the planet? Summary

How We Can Feed the World Without Trashing It? Focused on land and biomass use, including cropland farming, livestock rearing, bioenergy production and conversion of primary…

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Beyond factory farming: summary

Executive Summary of Sustainable Solutions for Animals, People and the Planet.

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Beyond factory farming report

 A Report that outlines the environmental and economic factors that will impact global animal production this century.

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