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Eating the planet? Summary

How We Can Feed the World Without Trashing It? Focused on land and biomass use, including cropland farming, livestock rearing, bioenergy production and conversion of primary…

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Beyond factory farming: summary

Executive Summary of Sustainable Solutions for Animals, People and the Planet.

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Beyond factory farming report

 A Report that outlines the environmental and economic factors that will impact global animal production this century.

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Global Warning

Report on climate change and farm animal welfare presenting the scientific evidence showing the impact of high-income countries' unsustainable over-production and over-consumption…

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Sustainable Agriculture

 A short report that discusses the criteria necessary for global agriculture to be sustainable.

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The Impact of Livestock Farming

This publication offers constructive solutions to the threats to animals, people and the planet caused by intensive farming.

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The Global Benefits of Eating Less Meat

Comprehensive referenced report on the unsustainability of our increasing meat consumption.

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Reducing Meat Consumption

Global benefits of eating less meat summary.

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Industrial Animal Agriculture

Colour illustrated, clear summary of main welfare problems of laying hens, broiler chickens, pigs and dairy cows in intensive farming systems, plus problems of live transport.

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Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

Illustrated report shows how the spread of factory farming to developing countries disrupts traditional farming and social systems, causes environmental and human diet-related…

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