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Food and Human Health

Why fluoroquinolone in poultry should be banned

Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics classified by the World Health Organization as ‘critically important in human medicine’ due to their importance for treating infections such as…

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Antimicrobial resistance - 2015 briefing

Why the irresponsible use of antibiotics in agriculture must stop

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Feeding the Planet - Building on the Milan Charter

The Milan Charter is designed to be the legacy of EXPO 2015.  It helpfully identifies the major challenges related to food as “combating undernutrition, malnutrition and waste”…

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Position paper on sustainability and livestock

The Food Security, Sustainability, Public Health and Animal Welfare Implications of Livestock Production, November 2014.

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A Sustainable Food Policy for Europe

Towards a sustainable, nourishing and humane food policy.

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Fats, Farming and Food

This briefing describes the different types of dietary fats, and which to eat and which to avoid.

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Zoonotic diseases

The dire consequences of factory farming

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Food security and farm animal welfare

How best to feed the world in 2050

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Is there a definitive link between welfare and nutrition? Having looked at the findings from over 200 studies based on the relationship between the welfare of the animals and the…

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Standards analysis report

Farm assurance schemes and animal welfare - how the standards compare.

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