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A Way Forward for Crisis-Hit EU Dairy and Pig Sectors

Production volumes should be reduced to bring supply into balance with demand thereby reducing the downward pressure on prices. Reduced production – and consumption – of livestock products would also be in line with scientific advice on lowering the environmental impact of food production, reducing the amount of meat in diets from a health perspective and meeting the Paris target of limiting the rise in global temperatures to well below 2°C.


The EU pig and dairy sectors are being engulfed by a crisis of overproduction and falling prices. Agriculture Ministers are looking to help farmers with intervention measures to take excess milk and pork off the market and a drive to find new export markets. Compassion believes the pig and dairy sectors need to be fundamentally restructured. They need to convert themselves into suppliers of high quality meat and milk produced to good environmental and animal welfare standards.

Download: CIWF, March 2016. A way forward for the crisis hit EU dairy and pig sectors.pdf | Size (0.25MB)