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Making sense of CETA

The potential impacts of this trade deal, currently being negotiated by Europe and Canada, are giving rise to great concern.

This document, produced by PowerShift, CCPA, and others, is billed as the most comprehensive review to date and includes a contribution on animal welfare by Compassion's European Affairs Manager, Olga Kikou.

There is only brief mention in CETA of animal welfare, so it is difficult to assess its potential impact. However there are large differences in the level of legal protection for animals between the EU and Canada. An increase in the trade of animal products under CETA, without any safeguards for animal welfare standards at all phases of the production process, will erode current standards and may undermine future efforts to strengthen animal welfare rules in both the EU and Canada.



Making sense of CETA

CETA: An analysis of the final text of the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

Download: Making-sense-of-CETA_22092016.pdf | Size (4.41MB)