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Species: cattle

Developing criteria for the application of Directive 98/58 to welfare of dairy cows

There is no species-specific EU Directive on the welfare of dairy cows. However, the EU General Farm Animals Directive (Council Directive 98/58) applies to all farm animals.

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Report on welfare of EU dairy cows

This report from Compassion in World Farming and Eurogroup for Animals looks at the serious health and welfare problems suffered by dairy cows in the European Union. It examines…

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Compendium: the complete guide to dairy cows

Collection of resources about dairy cows and how they are farmed. Find out about the life of a dairy cow from birth to slaughter, welfare issues and key statistics.

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Calf forum report

The Modern Solution to the Exports of Calves: Working in Black and White 

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EFSA Dairy Report

A summary of key findings and recommendations of the 2009 EFSA dairy report.

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The Impact of Selection for High Milk Yield

Briefing on the impact of selective breeding for high milk yield on the health and welfare of dairy cows.

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Beyond Calf Exports

The Efficiency, Economics and Practicalities of Sexed Semen as a Welfare-friendly Herd Replacement Tool in the Dairy Industry.

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UK Calf Transport and Veal Rearing

Review of the trade in calves from the UK to the EU for veal rearing and the impact of transport and legislative standards for calf rearing in the UK and EU on the welfare of…

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The Case Against the Veal Crate

Detailed study of scientific evidence given in the EUs report on veal calves (1995) that led to legislative reform and ban (1997) on veal crates in the EU from 2007.

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