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Young people of all ages are easily engaged by the welfare of farm animals, and there are many opportunities to integrate this into the curriculum (e.g. Biology/Science, PSHE/Citizenship, Geography, Religious Studies, English, Food Technology and Scottish Higher Biology CfE and a range of subjects at college and university). We also have resources for the Primary age-group.

Find what you need by browsing the complete collection below, or look specifically at our films, printable resources and Good Agricultural Practice materials. Resources can be ordered or downloaded free of charge.

We also provide a FREE speaker service.

Free-range animal behaviour

Great clips of positive farm animal behaviour to stimulate discussion of the benefits of higher welfare farming - pigs and laying hens, ducks and quail.

Download (PDF 0.12MB)

Farm Animals & Us

Updated 2014! Watch the amazing abilities of pigs and hens. See how pigs, chickens and dairy cows are kept in intensive, free-range and organic systems. Decide how you think farm…

Download (PDF 0.12MB)

Farm Animals & Us 2

Updated 2014! Watch wild pigs and farmed pigs, wild chickens and farmed chickens. See how pigs, chickens and dairy cows are kept in free-range vs intensive systems. How should…

Download (PDF 0.12MB)

Good agricultural practice - pig production film

See the natural behaviour of pigs inherited from their wild ancestors and how some behaviours are thwarted in intensive pig farming. See practical methods of higher welfare pig…

Download (PDF 0.12MB)

Farm Animals & Us Compilation DVD

Resources for Science, Citizenship & PSHE, Religious Studies, Geography, English, Animal Care and Media Studies. Contains all key Compassion in World Farming education films…

Download (PDF 0.12MB)

Stimulus Response

Delightful 26 minute film from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour helps teach the nervous system and animal behaviour using stories which show the remarkable…

Download (PDF 0.12MB)

Let's Ask the Animals

Remarkable 22 minute film from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour will hold children and teachers entranced. Teaches needs of animals using delightful farm animal…

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Archive teachers' resources

Many teachers continue to use our older films and resources because of their power to stimulate discussion and debate.

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Secondary resources for older primary students

Our Farm Animals & Us film and teachers’ pack include resources for Lower Secondary which are suitable, or can be adapted, for use with older primary students aged 10-11.

Download (PDF 3.89MB)
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