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Good agricultural practice - pig production film

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GAP Pigs covers:

  • Introduction
  • Natural behaviour, ancestry and the development of modern pig farming
  • Good Practice 1 – space and foraging needs for dry sows
  • Good Practice 2 – avoiding aggression in dry sows
  • Good Practice 3 – space and nesting needs of farrowing sows
  • Good Practice 4 – weaning ages and piglet health
  • Good Practice 5 – avoiding tail-biting in growing pigs
  • Good Practice 6 – making humane and sustainable pig farming work economically

Other GAP Pigs resources include:

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See the natural behaviour of pigs inherited from their wild ancestors and how some behaviours are thwarted in intensive pig farming. See practical methods of higher welfare pig farming. Includes interviews with farmers, scientists, supermarket buyer and a veterinarian (25 minutes).

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