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Peter Stevenson

Peter Stevenson - Chief Policy Advisor

Having worked in the animal welfare movement for almost three decades, Peter played a leading role in winning the EU bans on veal crates, battery cages and sow stalls as well as a new status for animals in EU law as sentient beings.

Peter studied economics and law at Trinity College Cambridge and is a qualified lawyer. In 2004 Peter was the joint recipient of the RSPCA Lord Erskine Award in recognition of a ‘very important contribution in the field of animal welfare’. Peter is lead author of the study by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation reviewing animal welfare legislation in the beef, pork and poultry industries. He has written well-received reports on the economics of livestock production and on the detrimental impact of industrial farming on the resources on which our future ability to feed ourselves depends.

An expert in his field, Peter is a skilled spokesperson having made appearances across a range of media channels including BBC Countryfile, BBC Breakfast, BBC Disclosure, BBC Radio 4 Farming Today and LBC Radio. He has been quoted in national press outlets including The Times and The Guardian.