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Urgent calls to safeguard farm animals in extreme heatwave

News Section Icon Published 18/07/2023

As temperatures rocket to record breaking highs across the world, the safeguarding vulnerable farm animals is imperative. These extreme heatwaves are yet more evidence that governments must address the climate crisis with haste.

  • The world is currently facing the hottest week ever recorded.
  • Such extreme temperatures will create very difficult conditions for farm animals, particularly in overcrowded indoor factory farms. Heat stress can prove fatal.
  • Farmers are being urged to reduce stocking densities and increase ventilation in indoor systems and to ensure access to shade and fresh water at all times to help prevent animal suffering.
  • In hot weather, the transportation of farmed animals should be limited to night time only and with no long journeys to avoid heat stress.
  • These increased temperatures, and other severe weather conditions seen across the globe, highlight the escalating climate crisis we are facing.
  • The livestock sector is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gases, so it is vital that world leaders acknowledge the significant role livestock emissions play in the climate crisis.

Sarah Ison Head of Research at Compassion in World Farming UK said: “The impact of extreme weather on animals on farms and during transport can be extreme and sometimes fatal, especially in crowded factory farms.

“That’s why we are urging farmers to do all they can to safeguard the welfare of their animals during this extreme period of weather and to ensure animals are only transported at night and on short journeys only to avoid unnecessary suffering.

“Such extreme temperatures highlight the escalating climate crisis we are facing. The livestock sector is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gases – more than all direct emissions from the transport sector. However, despite the significant role livestock emissions play in the current climate emergency, our global leaders continue to bury their heads in the sand, failing to address the issue.

“Without a big decrease in meat and dairy consumption in all but the poorest countries, it will be almost impossible to avoid dangerous levels of climate change and we will continue to see worrying record-breaking temperatures. Are we really willing to risk frying the planet to satisfy our appetite for cheap meat?”


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