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Published 26.03.18

New investigation reveals the cruel reality for pigs reared for Parma Ham

Investigation uncovers the horrors of how pigs are reared in Italy for high end hams

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Published 23.02.18

Compassion in World Farming Release Rabbits Across Social Media

A series of innovative images, GIF’s and memes have been released across social media, to raise awareness of our ongoing campaign to End the Cage Age for rabbits throughout the EU

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Published 02.02.18

Pressure Increases on Scottish Government to Support a Ban on Live Animal Exports

Petitioners are calling on the Scottish government to support a UK-wide ban on live animal exports for fattening and slaughtering

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Published 25.11.17

The cruel truth behind Parmesan that is hard to stomach

An undercover investigation released today has revealed the terrible truth behind the way popular Italian cheeses Parmesan and Grana Padano are produced.

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Published 05.10.17

UN Convention needed to save planet, warns CEO behind landmark conference

There will be catastrophic impacts for life on earth unless there’s a global move away from intensive farming

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Published 17.07.17

New interactive map exposes UK factory farming hotspots

A brand new, interactive ‘Factory Farming Map’, launched today (17th July), illustrates the shockingly high numbers of livestock reared indoors across the UK.

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Published 23.05.17

Compassion in World Farming launches STOPTHEMACHINE campaign with crucial message: if you care about wildlife, you should care about factory farming

Yesterday (22nd May), Compassion in World Farming launched its new campaign in a one-night only event at the Natural History Museum.

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Published 04.04.17

EXTINCTION AND LIVESTOCK: moving to a flourishing food system for wildlife, farm animals and us

“Help end the devastating impact of livestock production on wildlife, people and the planet,” urge organisers of major international conference

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Published 07.03.17

New book finds intensive farming is major driver of wildlife loss

The result of a two-year investigation has exposed how intensive farming is not only cruel to farm animals, but is having a devastating impact on the world’s most iconic wildlife.

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Published 23.01.17

Coop Switzerland, Cranswick, Marks & Spencer, Migros, Noble Foods and Waitrose show leadership on farm animal welfare

UK food producer, Cranswick, and Swiss retail cooperative, Migros, join Coop Switzerland, Marks & Spencer, Noble Foods and Waitrose in attaining the highest marks for their management and reporting on farm animal welfare in the global Business…

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