• Foie gras production

    The production of foie gras involves appalling suffering.

    Foie gras production
  • Ducks and geese are mercilessly force-fed massive amounts of food.

  • This leads to their liver swelling to up to 10 times its natural size.

    Swollen liver
  • This diseased liver is then eaten as a delicacy particularly in Europe, the United States and China.


Help us end cruel food

1 million birds die each year

Compassion believes that no animal should suffer for food production. A European Council Directive states: “No animal shall be provided with food or liquid in a manner... which may cause unnecessary suffering or injury”. Yet around one million birds die during this cruel feeding process every single year. Many countries have banned the force feeding of animals for foie gras. But the suffering goes on. Annually more than 19,000 tonnes of foie gras are being produced in France alone.

What is Compassion doing?

Compassion is working to get Foie Gras Production banned across Europe by lobbying member states and the European Commission. We have also taken specific action against new Foie Gras facilities that are being developed. Check out the timeline below for more information

What can I do?

Fairer food cards
  • If you know of a retailer or restaurant selling Foie Gras, ask them to re-consider. Please contact us for ‘fairer food’ cards to leave with food business managers.
  • Campaign with us for improved welfare for all farmed animals.


May 2016

Foie gras farms are temporarily closed in France

70,911 people send an e-card to French Agriculture Minister, urging continued shutdown of French Foie Gras industry following national closure caused by disease outbreak.
October 2012

Compassion takes part in an event at the EU Parliament opposing foie gras production

Compassion’s Olga Kikou speaks about the animal welfare problem and the potential illegalities of foie gras production.

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