Our campaigns

  • Project Pig

    Our major campaign in our fight to end the suffering of all Europe’s pigs. Read more

    Project Pig
  • Farmageddon

    All around the world, our farms are turning into factories. Farmageddon is a global wake-up call from Compassion in World Farming. Help fix our food

  • Labelling Matters

    Do you want to know whether you food is free range or factory farmed? We are campaigning for full and honest food labelling, including method of production. Read more

    Labelling Matters
  • Live animal transport

    Many animals are sent on long journeys before slaughter. Help us end this global trade and reduce suffering & disease. Read more

    Live animal transport
  • Investigations

    Compassion’s award winning ‘Investigations Unit’ specialises in documenting the tragedies of industrial farming. Read more


We campaign to end factory farming. Farm animal welfare and wellbeing is at the heart of all we do and all we do is founded on scientific fact. Our supporters are pivotal to the success of all our campaigns. Find out how you can help and join us in actively seeking global reform for billions of farm animals suffering around the world...

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