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Farm Animals & Us Compilation DVD

The Compilation DVD-ROM contains:

Newly updated Farm Animals & Us films

  • Farm Animals & Us film for 10-15 age group (actually also suitable for older students where a shorter film is required
Gave me a really good lesson … superb for stimulating discussion … pupils have asked to see it again.
Special needs school science teacher


Excellent video that puts across the facts that many people would not be aware of… accurate … interesting.
Senior Lecturer, land-based college


Teachers’ resources

Additional films for Colleges and Universities

  • What is Animal Welfare?
  • Animal Welfare Aspects of Good Agricultural Practice – pig production

Archive resources

  • Eat Less Meat film
  • WTO – wrecking animal protection film
  • Genetic Engineering & Farm Animals teachers’ pack
  • Genetic Engineering & Farm Animals film

The Farm Animals & Us DVD-ROM is available free to schools, colleges and universities and for £5 for private individuals. Order using the online form or our educational resources leaflet.

Most of the films and all of the worksheets can also be viewed and downloaded online.

DVD compilation

Resources for Science, Citizenship & PSHE, Religious Studies, Geography, English, Animal Care and Media Studies. Contains all key Compassion in World Farming education films and a selection of other resources.

Download: Educational Films And Resources | Size (0.12MB)