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Award-winning investigations

Compassion’s award-winning ‘Investigations Unit’ specialises in documenting the tragedies of industrial farming. We have led the way in exposing the inherent cruelties of the factory farm for animal welfare but our in-depth research and accurate intelligence is increasingly unlocking secrets to its wider impacts of suffering for local communities, the destruction of pristine environments and its contributions to a changing climate.

Compassion undercover

Set up in 1996, the unit often works covertly to get the real story and crucially the key evidence to help us show decision makers why farm animals deserve better. Our images are often hard-hitting but that is the reality of the cage and crate culture of factory farming. Visual documentation that shows the true impacts of industrial farming is not just a valuable tool in our calls for change but it can sometimes be the key piece of evidence to fast track farm animals from the battery farm to open pastures.

Harrowing work

Compassion places special emphasis on this Unit and it is widely recognized that the work is often carried out in difficult and challenging circumstances. Our investigators will often undertake harrowing assignments, with results that are hard to watch and even harder to document. Yet it is essential this emotionally draining work is carried out to bring us all closer to the realities of factory farming and help us push for the solutions required to enable farm animals to be free of confinement.

Global investigations

Past exposés into long distance animal transport, the chicken, pig, dairy and egg industries have put our issues on the front page of newspapers the world over and helped write Compassion campaigns into the statute book. Find out more about our investigations below.

Have you got a tip-off for the Investigation Unit?

If you have information or have some 'intelligence' to share that can help our Investigation Unit expose the welfare, environmental, human health and social justice issues associated with factory farming then please get in touch with us at We treat all information confidentially.

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