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Farm Animals & Us Compilation DVD

Resources for Science, Citizenship & PSHE, Religious Studies, Geography, English, Animal Care and Media Studies. Contains all key Compassion in World Farming education films…

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Farm Animals & Us

Updated 2014! Watch the amazing abilities of pigs and hens. See how pigs, chickens and dairy cows are kept in intensive, free-range and organic systems. Decide how you think farm…

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Farm Animals & Us 2

Updated 2014! Watch wild pigs and farmed pigs, wild chickens and farmed chickens. See how pigs, chickens and dairy cows are kept in free-range vs intensive systems. How should…

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Let's Ask the Animals

Remarkable 22 minute film from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour will hold children and teachers entranced. Teaches needs of animals using delightful farm animal…

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Secondary resources for older primary students

Our Farm Animals & Us film and teachers’ pack include resources for Lower Secondary which are suitable, or can be adapted, for use with older primary students aged 10-11.

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Order Compassion in World Farming resources

Download and return this form to order any of our education resources, including the school speaker service.

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Primary school and young children's resources

Simple activities and work cards to engage young children about the needs and sentience of farm animals (ages 5-11).

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Farm Animals & Us Full Teachers Pack

Activities designed to promote small group discussion, worksheets to encourage philosophical thought or develop scientific knowledge together with information booklets, lesson…

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How Should We Treat Farm Animals?

Most people learn more by talking than listening, but not everyone can be persuaded to talk in front of a whole class. These discussion cards and worksheets encourage students to…

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Personality Test: How Do You Think About Animals?

Quiz for exploring values. Ten questions. Students examine their attitudes to the use of animals for food including intensive farming, organic farming, cloning, fishing and…

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