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Farm Animal Cloning Report

This report examines the impacts of cloning on farm animal welfare, highlights key advice on the issue from scientific and ethical advisory bodies and makes recommendations…

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Welfare Implications of Beak Trimming

3 page briefing on the welfare implications of beak trimming by hot blade and infra-red beam.

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Laying Hens Case Study: Austria

An Account of the Successful Phasing Out of Beak Trimming Without Increasing Problems of Injurious Pecking in Austria.

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Stop - Look - Listen: Summary

A summary report recognising the Sentience of Farm Animals.

Download (PDF 2.34MB)

Eating the planet? Summary

How We Can Feed the World Without Trashing It? Focused on land and biomass use, including cropland farming, livestock rearing, bioenergy production and conversion of primary…

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Complying with the Pigs Directive

Guidance on compliance with the protection of pigs directive.

Download (PDF 2.73MB)

EFSA Dairy Report

A summary of key findings and recommendations of the 2009 EFSA dairy report.

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The Welfare of Farmed Fish

Briefing that covers health problems and disease, handling, stocking density, breeding methods, genetic selection and genetic engineering and farming of new fish species.

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Welfare of Pigs in the European Union

Report on the welfare of pigs in the EU in relation to current legislation and enforcement.

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Factory Farming and Swine Influenza

Referenced report from 2009 which analyses recent scientific opinion on the significant risks posed to human health as a result of farming pigs in unnatural and inhumane…

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