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Recommendations on Stunning Before Slaughter

Report on the use of stunning before religious slaughter.

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Balancing Trade Liberalisation & Animal Protection

Economics briefing from 2003

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Industrial Animal Agriculture

Colour illustrated, clear summary of main welfare problems of laying hens, broiler chickens, pigs and dairy cows in intensive farming systems, plus problems of live transport.

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In Too Deep: Summary

6 page summary of fish farming from 2002.

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Leg and Heart Problems in Broiler Chickens

Report focussing on leg and health problems of broiler chickens.

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The Gene and the Stable Door

Explains methods of reproductive techniques, selective breeding, genetic engineering and cloning used on farm animals.

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Summary: Detrimental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

Illustrated report shows how the spread of factory farming to developing countries disrupts traditional farming and social systems, causes environmental and human diet-related…

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The Case Against the Veal Crate

Detailed study of scientific evidence given in the EUs report on veal calves (1995) that led to legislative reform and ban (1997) on veal crates in the EU from 2007.

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Practical Alternatives to Sow Stalls in EU

Case studies of good alternative housing systems for breeding sows in the France, Netherlands and UK.

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The Welfare of EU Sows in Close Confinement Stalls

 A report produced in the run-up to EU Directive (2001) banning sow stalls from 2013.

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