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Agroecology: Ecologically-smart farming

Agroecology is the study of ecological processes that affect agriculture and may refer to a science, movement or practice. It looks at the interaction between flora and fauna…

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The Cape’s Free-Range Crusader

Angus McIntosh is not like your typical South African farmer. He grew up in a cattle farm to the north of the country, but after a brief stint in London as a stockbroker, moved…

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Emotionally, economically & environmentally enhancing agriculture

TIME Magazine calls him “the world’s most innovative farmer” and The Atlantic newspaper refers to him as “the high priest of grassfarming"; clearly Joel Salatin is someone who has…

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The Welfare of Farmed Rabbits in Commercial Production Systems - A Scientific Review

A new scientific report has found that “current legislation does not adequately address the welfare needs of rabbits within existing farmed systems”.

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Sowing Fresh Seeds: Food, Farming and Animal Welfare post Brexit

As the UK will no longer be tied into the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, Brexit gives us the opportunity to think about food and farming from scratch. Compassion in World…

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Help end the EU’s cruel live animal export trade

The EU exports over two million cattle & sheep a year to the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. The long journeys and slaughter practices in this region impose immense…

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Reducing meat consumption: should the focus be on ruminants or monogastrics

Many studies show that reducing meat consumption would benefit the environment and our health. However because ruminants (cattle and sheep) have higher greenhouse gas emissions…

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Making sense of CETA

CETA: An analysis of the final text of the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

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Case studies for humane and sustainable farming

Case studies showing how inspirational farmers run commercial enterprises using more humane and sustainable methods:

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Paris climate targets beyond our reach?

We can’t hit the Paris targets without a reduction in meat and dairy consumption

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